“Earth is Our ‘Only’ Shareholder” — How Patagonia’s Founder Changed Capitalism Forever.

What does this mean for the world?

Chouinard’s effort will inspire a new and better way of doing business that has humanity’s best interest in mind.

Combatting Consumerism.

Patagonia has been known for its effort in combatting consumerism.

Nature Preservation.

Preserving nature is important because all living creatures rely on Earth’s ecosystem to survive. Humans rely on natural resources from Earth to survive. And for humans to have those natural resources, other animals on Earth need a place to live.

Philanthropic Capitalism.

Capitalism doesn’t need to be completely selfish.

What I’m doing to support Patagonia and the planet.

I’m buying a jacket full price and donating the unused portion of my closet. I’m downsizing the things I need and donating the things that I don’t.



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